Born in Baghdad 1974

Diploma Institute of Art

Member of the Iraqi Artists Association and the Iraqi Artists Socieity

About Artist
    Waleed Arshad


Solo Exhibitions
2008   "Every Human Has Rights"  UNESCO, 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of                    Human Rights,The Elders, Internews International, Paris

2008 "MNSG: Navigating the Space Between Home and Exile" Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin,                      Washington, Beirut

2008       "Double Jeopardy"  Kinemastik Short Film Festival and Symposium, Malta

2008        "Home and Exile"  Siracusa Film and Arts Festival, Siracusa

2011 “Waiting ” Iraqi Cultural Center, Washington DC

2012 “Of What is Past, Passing or to Come” Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas TX

2012 “Of What is Past, Passing or to Come” Laura Moore Fine Art Studios, Mckinney TX

2012 “Black Holes”  Beatrice Haggerty Gallery, University of Dallas, Irving TX

 2013        " Vortex Between Light and Dark " Lumin Arte Gallery . Dallas TX

Selected Group Shows
1996 - 2003   Ministry of Culture, Baghdad

1996 – 1998 Babylon Festival, Baghdad

1998         Exhibition of Conteporary Iraqi Art, Dijla Art Gallery, Baghdad

2000   Orfali Art Gallery, Baghdad

2000     Jameel Hamoudi Competition 

2001 Dijla Art Gallery, Baghdad

2002   Cable Factory Gallery, Helsinki  

2002   Baghdad International Festival for Plastic Artists, Baghdad

2002        "The Iraqi Artist Contemporary,"  Tunis, Beirut

2002           "The Artist for Humanity and Peace" - Ashtar Gallery, Baghdad

2003   "The Common Sensation"  Asfar Gallery, Baghdad

2005   The Istanbul Foundation for Culture in Art, Istanbul

2007 "Navigating the Space Between Home and Exile," Spazio 8, Milan

2007   "It Takes Courage to Live as a Refugee"  Ruaa gallery,  UNHCR, Damascus

2007   "Love Cares"  Joint exhibition with the Association of Syrian Artists, Damascus

2008 "Iraqi Artists in Exile"  French Cultural Center, Alliance Francaise, UNHCR,                    Damascus
2008          "Iraqi Artists in Exile" Arab Cultural Center, Damascus 
2009                   David Dike Fine Art, Dallas   
2009                   Craighead Green Gallery group show ,  Dallas TX
2009 "2, 197 Days and Counting "  Powerhouse Arena Gallery, New York
2010                   Home interrupted Artifacts of iraqi displacemen . California
2011          “Out of Iraq: Artists In Exile”  The Main Gallery, California

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